Wool Culture

wool1Down through the ages, in many cultures and geographical locations of the world, the shepherding of the flock of sheep has fulfilled the livelihood needs for human communities. Long lasting wool has been a fiber of paramount importance. It could be made into a versatile textile simply by washing and then agitating the fibers and creating felt.

Wool fulfilled practical material needs as well as protection to the human from the climatic extremes in all parts of the world. It continues to be used as clothing, bedding, insulation, floor coverings and wall material to mention the most obvious. It has always been a versatile medium for cultural and artistic expression.

wool3With wool, the practical and the artistic expression is woven together into one aesthetic whole. Spinning, dying, felting, weaving, knitting and even sculpting, provided a way for families and communities to create beauty and meaning through a material form as a legacy of their lives.

Shepherding has continued to present time in many parts of the world. However in North America, the sheep population has dwindled to a mere 7% since the 1950’s.

There is absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind – the North American wool industry is in need of a revival for its survival.