Other Uses for Felts

We generally make 2 sizes of felts, which can be folded or cut to be used for a myriad of needs. Queen (approx. 60 by 80) and King (approx. 78 by 80). These two sizes are then either folded or cut to the size needed.

Most Common other uses

Half Queen (approx. 30” by 80”)

  • yoga mat
  • travel/camp mat
  • massage table mat

One third Queen (approx. 28” by 60” )

  • crib felt
  • torso pad – minimal, travel friendly for multiple uses
  • short yoga mat
  • meditation pad (folded in half)

Using King felt – most common:

  • spacious floor hang out space
  • floor massage
  • folded in thirds – 3 layered felt travel bed


Using half queen or torso size for under knee or head support during massage or relaxation. Tie at both ends.

Car Seat pads

Approximate size of the torso pad.  You cot 2 holes in the car felt that align with your car’s headrest attachment holes.

Children’s Felt World

Children love felts.  Create a simple felt bed and play space for your youngster and give them the wooly healing all day and night!

Neck roll/seat pad

Roll up  a piece of felt measuring approx. 16 inches by 27 inches for all night neck support (torso pad makes 3 or 4 neck rolls about 3.5 to 4 inches in diameter).  For a larger diameter increase the length that is rolled up. Tie on both ends.

Unroll to use as a 2 layered chair pad.

Naturally Dark Colored Felts

Special Order. Our basic size is approximately 62”by 82”.  These require much more felting time.  The color is subject to change with each batch of wool that is carded at our wonderful carding mill in Montague.