Layered Felt Bed 101


You can create the best mattress in the world by stacking the felts to get the needed thickness underneath you, and placed on a closely slatted bed frame.  (We recommend 1” spacing between 2.5 “ wooden slats)

Wool felts feel wonderfully supportive and firm, yet yielding, and can easily be adjusted by adding or subtracting felts according to one’s needs.  For additional ‘give’, slats can be padded with 2 inch latex strips (these are glued to the slat using non-toxic glue).  The latex padded slats reduces the number of felts needed to provide sufficient ‘give’ while only a minimal amount of latex is used.  The latex can be protected with cotton or wool sleeves (wool is better because of it’s resistance to molding.)

How Many Felt Layers is enough?

This depends on whether you use latex padded slats or bare slats.  With latex padded slats, we recommend  4 or 5 layers of felt. With bare slats, we recommend 8 bed felts. More can be added if needed.

Tatami mats or straw matting on top of your frame can also reduce the number of felts needed.

The top felt is the protection layer. It requires more care, especially when sleeping right on the felt with no sheet.  Little woolen pillings begin to form wherever your body is directly moving/rubbing against the wool.  The pillings can easily be picked off while sitting on them (makes for good contemplation time).

Multiple Felts for layered mattress

To create a layered felt mattress, simply stack the felts on top of each other.  There is no slippage between felts.


The Lacing Closure

The lacing closure is optional and primarily decorative.  The cost of the closure is $40 per side.  Only one side is done for both Single sizes and two for the Queen and King.

Our Basic Bed Recommendation:

Use a bed frame at your desired height (the standard is around 20 inches), with 2.5 inch latex padded slats, spaced 1 inch apart.

Stack 5 layers of felt on top of the latex padded slats. The top layer is the ‘protection layer’.  In the single beds, this layer differs from the others because it is half the size (not folded), can therefore be more easily handled and cared for.