Felt Mattress Pad *New Product*


Felt-Mattress-Pad-photo#2JPGThese felts are half the thickness and weight of the bed felts and intended to be used as a protection/maintenance layer over the thicker bed felts.  If the bed felts are laced together, this felt pad  is placed on top of the laced Bed Felt layers.  This light weight felt pad can be washed and rinsed using the “bathtub method”.

Available in the same 5 sizes:  (80 inches is the maximum length we can make.  We add approx. 2 inches extra width  in the Q and K, and approx an inch to the remaining 3 sizes to accommodate potential shrinkage.

Felt Mattress Pad
(protection layer)
SizeWeight (approx.)Price
European Single31"x80" Half Queen1.25lb.$85
American Single41"x78" Half King1.75lb.$100
Torso Pad31"x52"1lb.$80

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