Design Principles

These are some of the basic design principles that have emerged in the search for the bed that heals and supports us:

  • 24/7 airflow to the mattress by using a slatted frame, keeping it dry and mildew free. Latex padded slats can be used for extra give. Your favorite bed frame can be retrofitted for slats.
  • manageable layers for easy long term maintenance such as sunning and airing that almost anyone can manage.
  • the use of wool only, the amazing healing and comforting fiber. Wool provides the ideal microclimate for the sleeping and resting body. Never cold or too hot, and never clammy. Always perfect for any body type. Great for partner sleeping with differing body temperature needs. Wool is both flame and mildew resistant making it an ideal bedding material where moisture is a constant.
  • wool as felt, is long-lasting and easy to care for. Can be easily aired, sunned, even machine or hand washed when necessary. Felts allow for the individual to create their perfect bed by adding as many layers as required for budget and comfort. Felts are ideal to travel with.
  • stiff wood slat system to provide firm support, which helps the body identify its own correct sleep positions.