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Basic-Bed-Felt-#1Our Felts:

We are very happy with the quality felt we are able to make using the New Zealand “World Class” wool.  So, we have chosen this as our primary material for our standard Bed Felt for the Layered Felt Mattress.  However, over time, our goal is to use more and more domestically produced wool.

Concurrently, we continue to offer naturally dark colored felts using domestically produced wool, the color varying from a dark charcoal brown to a lighter mottled gray – according to availability.   The naturally dark colored felts are the natural choice for floor use.


Basic-Bed-Felt-#2The Basic Bed Felt:

Begin right away, by placing a wool Bed Felt (about 1/4 inch thick), over your existing mattress as a breathable, healing layer of wool right next to your resting body.  Use a breathable cotton or flannel sheet between you and the felt.  Or, when you need instant warming, try sleeping directly on the felt.  Roll it up and take it with you when you travel to create healing sleep wherever you are.

Layer multiple bed felts to create a mattress.

Basic Bed Felt:

Bed Felts
(for layered beds)
SizeWeight (approx.)Price
European Single30"x80" Half Queen2.75lb.$100
American Single40"x78" Half King3.25lb.$120
Torso Pad30"x52"1.75lb.$70

Floor-FeltOn Floor:  These felts make wonderful floor mats for your many floor activities such as meditation, writing, yoga, floor massage, tea with friends, etc.

Felt Mattress Pad:  *new product*

We are now offering felts 1/2 the thickness as a top layer to your total mattress system for easier  hand washing. Read More…


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