Lacing Instructions

Lacing-ClosureThe lacing felt is primarily a decorative detail that is very beautiful and rhythmic and serves as an opportunity for sacred expression.

The outer containment felt is 2 inches wider than the interior felts.

1. For queen and king, lay 1 (of 2) felt with lacing holes flat on the floor or on top of the slatted bed frame. Lay the inside layers on to top of the bottom lacing felt. Finally, lay the 2nd (of 2) lacing felt on top.

For queen and king, there are 4 long laces, 2 for each side. Begin lacing from the top of each side, making sure that the laces are centered before you begin lacing (Just like lacing shoes!)

Take your time and enjoy the process of making sacred bed. There are 13 lacing holes on each side of the lacing felt. Begin at the top hole, and lace down to the #7 hole, tie off, ….and start the next lace in the same holes . Lace to the bottom in your desired taut-ness – what looks good to you. Lace to the bottom and tie off.

2. For both single sizes (the half queen or the half king), you only need one queen or king lacing felt. It will fold in half to make a single size bed, and be the container for the additional layers of felt inside. Only one side is laced.

We recommend another felt layer on top of the laced mattress as a ‘protection’ layer. In the single size bed, this layer can be single size for ease of maintenance. Basic 5-Felt Bed

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