A Bed for the New Paradigm 101

P101-slattedframeWe of HeartFelt, consider the slatted frame to be  one of the primary design principles for the healthy mattress. 

Here’s why?

  1. Slats allow constant airflow to the mattress, which keeps it at it’s best.  The mattress will stay dry and mildew free, and optimally responsive to your body’s needs while resting or sleeping.
  2. Slats provides an underlying stiffness for the healthiest kind of support.  Your body can now discern how to position itself correctly for sleeping because the stiff slats underneath provide a solid reference.  Springy coils completely throw off the body’s physiological bearings.



….one of the great side benefits of this kind of frame (with no coil springs (Thank the Lord!!!) is that when sleeping with a partner, you will not be awakened by their turning in bed or getting up before you are ready to wake and rise yourself – or vice versa.

The frame options we recommend are the Shepherd’s Dream Beauty or the Shepherd’s Dream Custom Insert. The lovely Shepherd’s Dream Team are well versed in the principles we (HeartFelt Collective) abide by.

The important thing is having the correct distance between slats.

If you are making your own bed frame,  we recommend using 2 and a half inch slats with one inch spaces in between each slat.  These slats can be ordered from Shepherd’s Dream (link)– or find your own locally produced slats.  Clear fir (free of knots) is our common choice, but many other kinds of wood will work so long as they are knot free.

The Shepherd’s Dream Custom Insert comes with slats and can be ordered to fit into your favorite existing frame (you provide your inside frame dimensions to S.D.).  Shepherd’s Dream will guide you through this.  This ‘Custom Insert’ takes the place of the typical ‘boxspring’, by lifting the platform to the bed height you desire.  The commonly used ‘boxspring’  is completely un-necessary and is counterproductive  for the kind of bed we recommend.

You can certainly make your own Slatted Box Insert  or find a local woodworker to do this for you.

Latex Padded Slats:

Latex padded slats provide additional give to the sleeper without sacrificing continual airflow.  They are glued to the slats, leaving the space in between open.  We have found that with 2 inches of latex on the slats,  4 to 5 layers of felt provides sufficient ‘give’ for the average person.

The following latex slat options are available to you through Shepherd’s Dream

  1. Latex Strips to fit two and a half inch slats.  (You glue them onto your locally sourced two and a half inch slats yourself using nontoxic carpenters yellow glue.)
  2. Latex padded slats
  3. Latex padded slats with organic cotton covers

Alternatively,  you can order any size latex strips from www.Foamorder.com.  We recommend using their “medium firm” latex.

Number of slats needed:

  • For 80 inch length bed frame – 22
  • For 76 inch length bed frame – 21