Heartfelt Bed Collective


HeartFelt is a Collective of land based felting artisans in Montague, California, who are inspired by the simplicity and intelligence of the layered felt bed and together fulfill the ever increasing number of orders for the layered felt bed.

HeartFelt Collective is an idea that has been nurtured by Eliana over the past few years and is now beginning to sprout little wings.  We are an emerging ‘pod’ of bed felters who share the same land and architecture for our felting enterprise.

We are available to guide you in this process of creating your sacred bed.  Feel free to e-mail us with your specific questions and needs.

We are celebrating the spirit of our beloved friend and collaborator, Bob Elliot Davidson – AKA – Mr. Bed (Sept 18, 1946-April 1, 2014)


Bob-and-Eliana ……………….and my (Eliana’s) closest companion in life for the past 12 years, who gratefully crossed the great divide on April 1st at 1 a.m. , 2014, following a lengthy illness.
Bob was at the very heart of all that has transpired for our family of wool bed makers since we moved to the small town of Montague in the Shasta Valley in June of 2002.  His uncommon skills were put to task here in helping restore the old buildings and transforming them into our living and working spaces.

Through Bob’s expertise in land and trust dealings, we inherited a 38 acre farm in 2005 on the edge of town when our friend Mary Lilly passed on.   It is a prime location for exploring and establishing ecological and sustainable life systems.

Bob-at-the-millBob  was an essential and huge force in helping Nathon Thill take over responsibility and ownership of the Woolgatherer Carding Mill, which was the inspiration for our move to this area.  The mill, where Bob had his office, is now well established and on the cutting edge of establishing ecological and sustainable standards for production of wool and other materials here in North America.

team-outside-the-shopWe will miss Bob’s beautiful and powerful and life affirming physical presence in our lives………but we know that he lives in our hearts forever.

Bob was a consummate cosmic prankster,  always prodding us to live to our fuller capacities.  THANK YOU, BELOVED ONE!  Until we meet again!

Eliana and family
A blessing poem for you written by a friend:

Ritual of Spring

Again green meadow,

Again dancing lamb,

Again dancing feet,

New felt,

New smiles,

New rest,

….Again dream.